Over the last year we have been working to set up new teams to take on more responsibility as our church grows. Some of those teams are listed below with their purpose. We also offer various ways for people to connect with our church. From our Children’s Ministry, House Churches, Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Youth Group, Frontline Team, Worship Team, Cleaning Team, & Outdoor Maintenance Team. There are many ways for people to engage with what God is doing in their lives.

Facilities team – God has blessed us with an incredible facility and we need to make sure that we take proper care of it. The facilities will with have oversight of building maintenance and building use. Scheduling for activities and setup and take down will be under that authority of this team.

Finance Team– We believe that God has called our church to be great stewards of the money that is given in tithes and offerings. This team will strive to make sure that all finances are used wisely. They will also plan for future needs such as budgeting and audits.

Advisory team -The purpose of the LGAC Advisory Team is to be  a sounding board for wisdom, advice, and feedback outside the normal channels. They also serve as the eyes and ears as far as the pulse of the congregation.We plan to meet with this team every eight weeks and talk to them about some of the issues facing our church and get their feedback about different issues and decisions we’re considering.



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