Join Loving Grace Alliance Church and the rest of the Alliance family as we bring our hearts and hands together for a 40 Days of Prayer focus that will begin January 3, 2021. Each day will offer a thematic devotional reflection and prayer points authored by an Alliance leader or family member.

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Week 1

Our focus during this first week is on the Person of God and
His attributes. Our Triune God is perfect in holiness and in all
of His other attributes. As we see Him for who He is, see Him
in the fullness of His glory, may we be drawn to a posture of
worship before Him. He is perfectly worthy!

Week 2

This week, we will allow the spotlight to turn inward.
As we pray, we will open our lives to a deep search and
cleansing by the Holy Spirit. While repenting of our own
sinful attitudes and behaviors, we will also pray prayers of
repentance for our nation, which has turned away from God
and His truth and has not valued the precious gift of life.

Week 3

Having now turned from things that were grieving and
quenching the Spirit, in this week we prayerfully welcome
His fullness and power. May there be a sense of hunger
and holy desperation as we pray for a fresh outpouring and
infilling of the Holy Spirit on our lives and in our churches.
Come, Holy Spirit!

Week 4

All around us in this nation and right where each of us lives,
there are people who need Jesus. They need the peace and
hope that Jesus alone can bring. During our prayer times this
week, let’s allow the Spirit to bring people to our minds who
need Jesus and need us to share His love and gospel with
them. Jesus, bring new courage and fresh power upon us to
fulfill Your mission.

Week 5

The prayer spotlight falls this week on people who are
often overlooked or even mistreated. Pray that the Lord
will make us His vessels of love, hope, and justice. Pray for
those among our Alliance family who do the important work
of chaplaincy—bringing the message of Jesus to people in
their most challenging times, when they need to hear that
message the most and may well be most responsive to it.

Week 6

The work of the U.S. Alliance spills out all over this world.
This week we stand with our international workers as we
intercede on their behalf. We will also cry out to the Lord for
the unreached people groups that still do not understand
who Jesus is and have never had a clear witness of His
gospel. Pray that this will be a year when the light of Jesus
shines brightly in the darkest places of our world.