Our Vision: All of Jesus for All of Atco… and beyond!

We believe that God wants all of our community to have the opportunity to respond to the Good News of the Jesus Christ and to experience the abundant life that Jesus offers you in John 10. All of Jesus means that you can know Jesus as your Savior, your Sanctifier, your Healer, and your Coming King.

Our Mission: Loving People, Learning About Jesus, Living It Our Together

Loving People – everyone needs to know they are loved. Our desire is that you would see Jesus through how we show love in action as we seek to build loving relationships.

Learning About Jesus – everyone needs to know the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our desire is that you would learn about the Good News and all that joy that knowing all of Jesus can bring to your life.

Living It Our Together – everyone needs a place to belong. Our desire is for Loving Grace Alliance Church to be the place for you to belong.